Indian Software Professionals – Leading the World in Software Development By Basab Banerjee

In 2018, India, with about 6 million software professionals, became the number one country in the world in terms of the number of software developers, overtaking the United States in sheer numbers. It is no surprise then that most of the Fortune 500 companies have their backend software companies in India and it is from here that cutting-edge technologies for instrument design, machining, AI, Fintech, IOT and other top end software is produced.

How has India created this large and efficient software developer’s repository?

The answer lies in two complimentary aspects. First, Indians have a penchant for learning mathematics in school. Majority of the 35 million students whograduate from high school after learning mathematics invariably land up in the 4300+ colleges which teach undergraduate level IT programs.Secondly, in their final years in Colleges, these students work as Coders and Programmers in live projects and are thus industry ready by the time they graduate. Given the experience that the software developer accumulates in the first few years of their work in India it’s no surprise that the Indian software developer with 4 to 5 years of experience is one of the best in the world.

What does an Indian software developer bring to the table?

One important facet of Indian software professionals is that they are extremely analytical, and are able to adapt quickly to new software and new programs, which is critical in the fast-evolving IT environment. Given their experience in India, these professionals are not only aware of the latest programming software, but are also experienced in finding bugs in this software and resolving them. The other aspect about Indian professionals is that they are open to travel to various countries across the world, provided they get a world-class work environment. It is also true that the Indian software professional is open to long-term engagements in various countries and they do not shy away from becoming legal immigrants, and finally citizens of such countries, if they are given the right opportunity – and, if the country so desires.

High demand from global employers – and increasing!

Given these factors, Indian software professionals are in high demand from global employers, especially those who want to develop state of the art programming and IT software. Our Company, Magic Billion, has over the last year, got enquiries for Indian Software Professionals from Germany, Sweden, Finland, Japan, Russia and the US.

The proof is in the numbers. The Nordics is a great example - in Sweden, of the 9300 work permits given to Indians between 2009-2013, about 8800 were to IT specialists. Similarly, in other EU countries like Germany, Finland and Estonia, there are also programs targeting not just Indian IT talent but also IT entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is being encouraged not only because jobs are created in these countries but also because of the impact on their national GDPs.

Another geography with high demand for Indian software professionals is North America (both the United States and Canada). A clear example of this demand was when getting H1B visas became a challenge for Indian IT professionals in the US.

Almost immediately, companies sprang up in Canada which would provide immediate employment to Indian software professionals who were employed by US companies, but who were not getting their H1B visas. These professionals would be housed in Canada under what is called the Global Talent Scheme and the US company could use the same Indian software talent in their company while they lived in Canada. Of course, a large number of Canadian IT companies already employ a large number of Indian software professionals.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic phase is over, and a vaccine is out in the market, this demand for highly skilled Indian IT professionals is only expected to increase – this time adding the health tech industry as potential employers


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