India- The Global Talent Powerhouse of Software Engineers and Developers

My first connect with the world of software developers and the engineerswas a decade ago, when as Head of Standards of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), I worked with NASSCOM to create the NASSCOM IT Skill Council. It was then that I interacted with Heads of numerous IT Companies, both Indian and Global, and came up with the design of the Skill Council, which today is the Nodal Agency for technical certification, and development of software developers and the engineersin India. Since then, we have been closely tracking the growth in quality and scale, of Indian software developers and the engineers.


Today's world as we know it, is driven by technology. Technology is the enabler for all industries whether it is manufacturing, services or agriculture. New hardware and software technologies enable us to use our mobiles better, devices in the kitchen better,and industrial appliances better. Galloping technology has permeated our very lives, and every day, there are new developments in the field of software, which make our lives better and more efficient. In many countries, technology amounts for sizeable part of their GDP. In 2017, for example, it was astounding to learn that the IT industry’s contribution to real economic output in US, exceeded that of the professional and business services, finance and insurance, and manufacturing sectors, according to BEA figures on industry contributions to GDP.  In fact, technology companies are now the largest representation in Fortune 500 list, which gives an indication of the central place that technology today occupies in our lives and businesses. The backbone to these technologies, and the continuous ongoing improvement in these technologies, are the software developers and the engineers, who are continuously behind conceptualizing, designing and continuously improving software.

For the past three decades Indian software engineers and developers have been at the forefront of global technology development.

Picture – An Indian Software Developer in US. In cities like Seattle, 40% of Software Developers are from India.


Today Indian CEOs are you leading the top technology companies of the world, like Google, IBM, Microsoft and Adobe. Indian software engineers and developers have become synonymous with India’s growth as a technology powerhouse. With the introduction of AI, machine learning, IoT, and blockchain, India has adopted some of the significant-tech trends being observed worldwide.India is only one of the six nations in the world to have to have full launch capabilities for Space Satellites. Over 1000 Global Companies develop their global software requirements from India.

India has become the go-to destination for recruitment of quality software engineers and developers recruitment, with around 75 per cent of global digital talent present in the country.The software engineers and developers population in India was 5.2 million in 2018, and growing at 90%.

 Most countries today source top quality candidates in the field of software developers and engineers from India. Indeed, as our Company, Magic Billion, a Global Talent Management Company, started receiving enquiries from global employers for recruitment of software engineers and developers from India, we realized that many countries have their visa rules tailored for recruitment of Indian software engineers and developers, so that their technology industry can be the best in the world. There are many such examples in Europe and North America.  Canada for example, where we are in talks with many entities, has created a special Visa category called Global Talent Scheme, which allows recruitment of software engineers and developers from India to seamlessly join the Canadian software developer workforce.

 By 2024, India will have the largest software developer and engineerpopulation in the world